Tangerang Regency Government Will Hold Simultaneous Pilkades on October 10, 2021

simultaneous pilkades in tangerang regency banten
Simultaneous Pilkades in Tangerang Regency, Banten, will take place on 10 October 2021/Photo: Illustration.

BANTEN, INDOtayang.COM — The Regency Government of Tangerang, Banten, is preparing to hold simultaneous village head elections (Pilkades) for 77 villages on October 10, 2021.

Tangerang Regent, Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, stated that the simultaneous Pilkades were held in 27 sub-districts. Where a number of villages in the area held elections.

Therefore, according to Zaki, a number of villages that held the election became a special priority to carry out vaccinations.

So that the people who carry out the village head election. Have received at least 70 percent of the vaccine from the voter list.

“We give special priority to the 77 villages for vaccination. The target is at least 70 percent of voters have been vaccinated,” said Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, at the Tangerang Regent’s Hall, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

Zaki also said that the Tangerang Regency Government had coordinated with Forkopimda regarding the preparation for the simultaneous Pilkades.

“All elements are ready. It’s just a matter of additional implementation later. For example, earlier, a special priority was for vaccination in the 77 villages that held elections,” he said.

Point of vulnerability

Regarding vulnerability, according to Zaki, there are several points of focus for security officers and personnel in their respective sub-districts and villages.

“For that all must be ready, alert and responsive to anticipate all possibilities that will occur,” he added.

Meanwhile, Danrem 052 Wijayakrama, Infantry Colonel Rano Maxim Adolf Tilaar said that his party was ready to take security related to the simultaneous Pilkades in Tangerang Regency, Banten.

Rano said, if needed, his party would submit a request for additional troops from the Jaya Regional Military Command or BKO.

“We will send troops to at least one TPS, there is one TNI member who carries out security and guarding with members of the Police. Especially in vulnerable locations,” he said. (Jack)